The 2017 Team: Rafi

Hi, Firstly, welcome to the world of university! Get ready to see and experience things you’ve never imagined before! I’m Rafi. A brown, Bengali, Muslim who supports Liverpool FC and lives in Tower Hamlets. I’m currently going in third year of BSc Geography with Business Management. I’ve always loved human geography and have been interested … Continue reading The 2017 Team: Rafi

The 2017 Team: Beth

  Hello, welcome to QMUL’s School of Geography! My name is Beth. I’m a third-year BA Geography undergraduate at QMUL. I’m doing a BA in geography but to be honest I haven’t actually studied a physical geography module since my first year. That’s one of the great things about studying Geography and/or Environmental Science here … Continue reading The 2017 Team: Beth

The 2017 Team: Alex

  Hey Freshers! Welcome to the wonderful QMUL School of Geography!   I’m Alex, a third year undergraduate student studying BA Geography. I’ve always been most interested in development geographies so have chosen modules surrounding that. The reason I chose QMUL in the first place was due to the amazing development lecturers and modules within … Continue reading The 2017 Team: Alex