Empty Pockets?

Oh, the old student budget. It is an old chestnut which daunts almost every student that enrolls in higher education. Last year, we ran a survey among Geography Students  and found that when they were going through their transition from School or College to University, the financial aspect of moving to QMUL within London was what they worried … Continue reading Empty Pockets?

The School

There’s a reason why the student satisfaction rates here at QM within our department are as high as they are. The School of Geography in all of its L shaped glory is a beauty to behold. The friendliest staff and needless to say, fantastic bunch of students, make the School the wonderful, unique place that … Continue reading The School

The University

antennas.eecs.qmul.ac.uk QMUL is a truly extraordinary place. Within this section of the blog, we shall not be regurgitating university league figures or student satisfaction stats – we shall instead be offering you our own personal guides, tips and tricks about all things Queen Mary.  From where different places are physically located on Mile End campus … Continue reading The University

About Springboards

The Springboards Project is a unique student ran venture with the sole aim of easing the transition first year undergraduates face when moving from School or College to University. Established in 2013, the project is now in its fourth year. With a plethora of new students and veterans from previous year, we hope that Springboards … Continue reading About Springboards